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Italy International Escort

Are you searching to meet Italy International escort?

Hello gentlemen in this beautiful part of the world. My name is Stephanie. If you are visiting Italy, or perhaps you reside in Italy and are searching for a beautiful, mature high end companion to spend time with, then I hope to hear from you at some stage. I am both a touring International escorts and a FMTY escorts. Availability to meet in Italy via Fly me to you is at any time of the year. In general minimum a weeks notice is required for FMTY dates throughout Italy. Able to meet in Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Venice, Verona, Genoa , Turin, Siena, Parma, Perugia, Catania, Bair, Lecce,Ravenna, Rimini, Trieste, Cagliari, Padua, Bergamo, Ferrara, Brescia, Taranto. Portafino, Sardinia, Capri and many other destinations.

I am a masssive fan of anything Italian. Whether it is the food, the fashion or the men…My excitement is always hightened when I get a request to meet in Italy.  Dolce Vita! 

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Rome High Class International  Escorts

Rome is always a city I get to when on tour in Rome, Italy. The history in this city is staggering. It was founded in 753 BC.  Can you get your head around how old this city is? I struggled the first time a guide told our group this. And interestingly, Rome is older then Italy??? Yeah that is right. Another interesting fact abour Rome is that it iwas not always the capital city of Italy. The first capital city of Italy was Turin! It was the capital betweeen 1861 to 1865, and then the capital was moved to Florence in 1865. Finally, it was Rome’s turn in 1871 and it has been it’s capital ever since.

Did you also know that Rome is the city of faountains. There are so many! It adds to the charm of this beautiful, elegant city.  Also, Rome has more churches then any other city.

Rome has beauitful, elegant luxury hotels, and I love to try a new one every time i am in Rome. Personally, I never really stay in the same hotel twice because I like to try new hotels. Unless I am particularly fond of one. So far, my favorite hotels in Rome include, St Regis , Palazzo Manfredi and Fendi Private Suites.

Of course those are my favourites, off the top of my head, but Rome has many sophisticated upscale hotels. After all, Italians are incredibly stylish and sophisticated, and they do not do anything by halves.

In terms of dining , everywhere you look there is amazing food in Rome. However, one restaurant stands out for me, not just because of the food but the view. La Pergola is truly breathtaking.

So, let’s meet in Rome! I will be touring Milan shortly later in the year, but I would like to tour Rome in 2024. Happy to travel to Italy, and specifically Rome on tour or via FMTY ( fly me to you) if there is demand. So, if you would like to meet me whether when on tour in Rome, or via fly me to you request, send me an email.  My tours are organised accordingly to demand, so if you would like to meet me in Rome, you have to let me know x

Milan High Class International Escorts

Milan in Italy is a city I looove to visit! As often as possible. It has to be one of the most stylish cities not just in Italy but Europe. Immersed in culture, Milan is a city well known for the largestcollection of Leonardo Da Vinci works of art. Additionally, since I am mentioning Leonardo Da Vinci, he is also the brain behind the canal system in Milan. Which is I think an interesting fact! Milan also has the oldest and best designed tram system in Europe. Did I also mention Milan is the wealthiest city in Italy?

“Milano” is the capital of the Lombardy region. After Rome, it is the second largest city in Italy. The MIlan Cathedral is the 3rd largest catholic church in Europe, and in Milan.Just a few fun facts about Milan. There also amazing hotels in Milan too! How can there not be, it is a very stylish city.

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Milan High Class Escorts

Some of my favourite hotels in Milan include, The Bulgari Hotel, The Four Seasons in Milan  and Mandarin Oriental in Milan. Of course there are many many other faboulous hotels in Milan, I just mentioned 3 of my favourite that I have been fortunate enough to have stayed in. Milanese people are very hospitable, and very gracious.

An absolute pleasure to spend time in this bautiful city. If you are a local, or indeed a visitor to Milan and would like to spend time with a high end companion like myself, I would love to hear from you. I tour Milan often, however,  we can meet at any time of the year via FMTY ( fly me to you requests) outside of my touring schedule. If you prefer to meet me when on tour to Milan, please get in touch with me to schedule a date.

My travels to Milan are always very busy, and often by the time I arrive I do not have availability left to meet. So please check my touring dates ( link here) and get in touch to schedule a date to meet in Milano!

Amalfi Coast – Positano – Capri – Ravello – Sorrento

Of course I loove the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Who doesnt like Capri, Positano and the surrounding smaller villages to explore. Of course I will always make myself available to meet on the Amalfi Coast. It is not really an area I tour as it is a touristic destination, however I am happy to accompany you here on a FMTY date at any time, especially in summer time of course.

Naturally I havent mentioned every city and destination throughout Italy. However as an International Escort who loves to visit Italy, I am able to meet anywhere throughout Italy.  I do tour the main cities like Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice. However, I am able to meet anywhere throughout Italy via FMTY ( fly me to you) request.

Stephanie Hunter

Italy International Escort 

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